Battle of the Books


What is the Battle of the Books?

Battle of the Books is a reading motivation program.  The goals of the program are to encourage and to recognize students who enjoy reading and to broaden reading interests.
Lists of books are chosen for grades three/four, five, and six.  Students read the books, discuss them, quiz each other on the contents, and then compete in teams of three to correctly answer questions based on the books.  The questions used all begin with β€œIn what book…” so that the answer will always be the title of the book.
New lists of books for each level are compiled each year by a committee of teacher-librarians based on the Criteria of Book Selection.
An attempt is made to vary the titles chosen as to the type and difficulty so that readers may encounter a broad range of books.
This program may be done on a classroom, school, or district level.  It is popular with students and has provided new opportunities for academic competition.  Battle of the Books has proven itself to be effective in its specified purpose – to stimulate interest in reading!

Battle Books   2020/2021

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